Scope of our services / Yamasaki & Partners

Legal Division

Yamasaki & Partners is a full-service law firm, taking advantage of our global network. It can give clients legal advice or counsel on various business issues.

Litigation Proceedings (Domestic)
We are able to deal with various kinds of litigation throughout the country, and are especially experienced in intellectual property.
Litigation Proceedings (Foreign)
We are able to offer clients prompt and accurate assistance and advice, supported by a deep understanding of worldwide practices.
Incorporations, mergers (including establishment of local branch offices of foreign companies)
Our firm provides extensive legal services on various corporate issues, ranging from formations to mergers and the acquisition of companies.
We are well experienced in the establishment and operation of foreign branches or subsidiaries, so that we can offer clients total legal services, including processing applications for registration and approval to immigration matters.
Our firm provides appropriate opinions and advice on amended laws and compliance to laws and regulations applicable to various business activities.
Corporate Governance
Our firm can examine or draft bills or minutes of board meetings. It also provides professional legal advice for external directors, auditors, or other executives.
Drafting and/or checking agreements/contracts and negotiations
Our firm is able to draft and/or check agreements/contracts. It can also provide clients with translations of such documents (i.e., English into Japanese, Japanese into English, Chinese into Japanese, and Japanese into Chinese).
It offers total legal services on every phase of contracts, such as negotiations for conclusion of agreements or resolution of contract disputes.

Intellectual Property (IP) Division

Taking advantage of being a law firm having considerable experience and expertise in legal practices as well as IP practices, we are ready to offer a full service line relating to wide-ranging IP matters.

Much of our considerable experience and expertise in diverse fields of both legal issues and intellectual property matters enables a full lineup of intellectual property services.

Fully utilizing our global network, we have an edge in dealing with international cases, and provide services with as high a quality as with domestic services.

  • Procedure on application for patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks
  • Dealing with oppositions, invalidation actions, appeals, and other decisions
  • Opinions
  • Searches for prior art, trademark clearances, etc.
  • Litigation (cancellation trials, infringements)
  • Applications for registrations, renewals, transfers, cancellations, changes of name or address
  • Counseling on piracy, unfair competition, etc.

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